Monday, June 13, 2011

First Post Syndrome

      Well, hello there to those of you who have come across this blog.  Ughh...first posts are just so awkward. I think I have first post syndrome. Does anyone else get this syndrome I just made up??? I have know idea what to put for my first post. I wonder if.... Oh great now I'm rambling. Okay I'm gonna start over here.
  Hi there I'm the bookie monster, the person who blogs on this blog, yep that's me. I don't really think I need to introduce myself any further BECAUSE I have an about me page that you can view. See look over there in that sentence? I linked the about me so you can learn, well, about me. I been noticing I've said "well" quite a lot in this post. I think I still have first post syndrome. I'll push through though. Okay, so what else? Ahhhhh! Eureka! Books. I think I have gotton(silly me, "gotton" is not a word) gotten past my little syndrome. Okay new paragraph time.
       So I AM A BOOK BLOGGER and therefore should probably talk about the books I read. Well right now I'm really into the dystopian(is that spelled right? spell check wasn't helping me correct it.) young adult books(think: Hunger Games, Delirium, The Maze Runner, Across the Universe), those contemporary books(think: If I Stay, The Year of Secret Assignments, Paper Towns), I really really love the books which are about Greek mythology(think: Percy Jackson, Oh.My.Gods., The Goddess Test), Whatever the werewolf, mermaid, and the book Halo and Firelight classify under. Of course Sarah Dessen. Obviously HARRY POTTER. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Okay so HPbooks/movies - all the twilight stuff + ME= pure love and happiness. Of course there are other books, but those are just examples. Oh I also like the Book Thief and Revolution; I'm just not sure what genre they are under. Okay I just remembered what the werewolf, mermaid, etc. books go under PARANORMAL. I love paranormal. Okay onto the review system.
      I going to review books on a 1-10 rating system. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. That simple. Wow, short paragraph.
      A FINAL NOTE: I really hope you all will enjoy this blog as much as I do blogging it. I really truly do. I hope you all follow Bookie Monster and comment on my posts. That would just make my day everyone:)) Feel free to contact me also. Here's my email:
Okay this was a really long post. Well, bye now!
P.S. I will try my hardest to review books and post on this blog on a regular basis


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